Words of Wisdom from Intel

Words of Wisdom from Intel

The following passage comes from Intel’s “Content Strategy Backgrounder,” which seems to have been posted on their press site late last year or early this year:

“Curbing piracy is not a question of technological barriers; it’s a matter of establishing a business model that deflates the incentive to steal. Experience shows that consumers who can’t get the entertainment content they want will almost certainly find a back channel to access it. Intel is convinced that the answer lies in making content easier to buy than it is to pirate, a philosophy first applied to film by actor Morgan Freeman, a principal of Revelations Entertainment. Applied more broadly, it means proactively providing consumers with good value along with compelling, high-quality content that is easy to access, increasingly available, fairly priced, attractively packaged and transparently protected.”

Hear, hear! But is anyone in the content industry listening? Or do we have to be totally locked in to “verified” devices and “protected” content before sanity returns?

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