The silicon chip promised to liberate the human mind. But a lack of vision has turned the digital world into a maze of proprietary technologies and inadequate standards. Hardware manufacturers, software publishers and content providers act in their own short-term self-interest, and cooperate only when they need to act against the interests of the consumer. We are tempted with tidbits of digital content, to access which we must accept ever-more-restrictive computing capabilities.

Worst of all, software development has come to a virtual standstill. Most applications are poorly designed, and truly ground-breaking new applications are increasingly rare. It’s a bit like the space program: after putting 12 men (briefly) on the moon, we decided that the rest of the cosmos just wasn’t worth the effort.

Frank Lenk

I’m a Toronto-based technology journalist with over 25 years experience. I’ve worked on virtually every major computing platform, played on every major games system, and interviewed not quite all, but a great many of the most significant industry luminaries.

This blog is an overflow for the information and opinion that’s left over from my day job. Areas of coverage include (but are not limited to) operating systems, applications, games, Internet services, freedom of speech and intellectual property issues.

I’m available for writing and research, speaking engagements, consultation, pontification and character assassination. I cannot be bought, but I can be rented by the hour. If you want to contact me, leave a comment.


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